CentOS – WordPress Uploads directory permissions

Most WordPress installations recommend to change your directory permissions to 755 on all directories.  Unfortunately, this does not work on the Uploads directory, since the parent directory owner is one user, and the process that executes uploads is either the ‘apache’ user or ‘nobody’ user for PHP.  Here is what we did to resolve the WordPress Uploads directory permissions problem:

cd to the /wp-content directory

chmod 777 uploads

This will allow the apache process to create new files and directories inside the /uploads.

chmod 666 uploads/*

This will change file permissions to rw-rw-rw- for owner/group/others. This is more secure, because somebody may not execute an uploaded script inside your /uploads directory.

For all other WordPress directories within the /www directory you can do this:

cd www
chmod -R 755 *

You may need to open up permissions further on the entire /wp-content directory in order to be able to manipulate theme files and upgrade other components.