CCTV Security Systems

We offer professional CCTV Security Camera Systems installation in the Greater Cincinnati area.
Business owners are faced with many challenges such as safety and security of their business and employees, among many other things. The average business loses 18% of their revenue to shrinkage, employee theft and non-productivity. What if your employees thought you were watching them all day long, would they accomplish more? Various ways to steal from you include product, hours, resources, and customer loss through employee’s bad behavior. If you have a business and employees, you are probably losing in one of these areas and most likely all of them. Theft, shrinkage, and low productivity can be reduced with a well-designed security camera system. Contact us today to request a quote for more information on how to get started with your Security Camera project.

We have helped many retail store owners increase profitability by reducing item theft. Premises can be monitored in real-time to deter and catch thieves. All activity is also recorded to a digital DVR for easy playback at a later date. If you need to submit video to the authorities, as evidence, back-up to a USB flash drive is easy, and video is stored in standard format for viewing on any PC.
Educational institutions have a special set of mandates for surveillance. We can install a wide variety of cameras to help you keep children safe and out of trouble. Stay compliant with child safety laws and address parent’s concerns if there is an incident.
Are you tired of employee downtime in your office? Would you like to get full potential from your workers? In a modern office, it is easy to wasted time browsing the internet, listening to music, search for news and games. In order to maximize your employees’ output, a CCTV system can help. If your office staff is wasting time, recording their actions can help you with disciplinary actions and increase productivity.
Installing a video surveillance system in factory or warehouse environment can help reduce accidents, ensure OSHA compliance and increase worker productivity. CCTV system can also help the owner in Worker’s Comp claims and disputes. Monitor factory equipment from the office, or remotely, anywhere in the world. Real-time recording ensures nothing is missed at all production hours.

Reasons to invest in Security System

  • Reduce inventory theft
  • Mitigate risk
  • Liability management
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Promote safety
  • Manage remotely