Network Design & Cabling


CrimsonShift can design and implement local networks using industry proven technologies. Whether you need wired or wireless connectivity, CrimsonShift engineers can help you choose the right hardware and protocols.

Our Network Engineers carefully survey and document your current configuration, and suggest improvements where needed most. We offer complete cable runs using CAT 6 or Fiber Optic cable.

Part of good network is proper hardware like router/firewall.  Using cheap and basic equipment may work for home users, but it is not perfect for business applications.  In a business, it is important to protect information and data access is paramount.  This is why it is recommended to invest in a security system to prevent cyber-attacks, and ensure network up-time and access to you data and applications. (Read more about choosing the Right Firewall)

Whether you need to connect your office to the Internet, or relocate to a new location, our cable installers can run, test and document your wiring environment. Adding additional capacity to an existing network, CrimsonShift will test your existing equipment to make sure your current infrastructure is able to support new connections.

CrimsonShift wireless network experts can configure a secure network in your office, or connect several locations using Wireless Bridges. We implement latest security technologies like WEP and WPA2 keys, MAC address filtering, and Secure VPN connections.

Proactive network management is important to reduce downtime due to server or shared printer outages. If you business relies on constant Internet connectivity, we can configure a redundant internet connection to ensure uptime. We document your environment and pinpoint possible bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities and areas of improvement.

Our Network Administrators can effectively manage your network resources like shared printers, servers, and workstations. Many support tasks can be handled remotely, with on-site work performed without interrupting your daily tasks. As a part of Network Managed Services CrimsonShift will continue local and remote support of your firewalls, routers, switches, DNS and DHCP servers.