Business Consulting

CrimsonShift’s technicians are experts at PC and Server configuration, repair and management.  We can help your business become more productive by configuring a shared file or application server, and other networked resources. If you require hosted VOIP, email or fax system, our engineers can set up the most cost effective solution for your company.

If you are in the market for new PCs, CrimsonShift is able to provide custom made computers to order. We provide basic workstations and computers for power users. PCs come with several O/S options, and hardware specifications you are in charge of. As a part of Managed Services we provide full hardware, network, and security support for every computer your purchase.

Whether you require a server for shared email, applications or storage we offer entry level servers for a small amount of users and Enterprise level serves to match the load of 10-5000 users. Larger offices benefit by having email stored on a local server, instead of being tied down to a hosted solution. This allows much more flexibility for email operation, Public Folders and Outlook Web Access with advanced contact manager, calendaring and search capabilities.

CrimsonShift’s MCSE certified Systems Engineers will create and maintain an MS Active Directory domain as a part of your Managed Server solution. This allows you to have centralized control of users, permissions, groups and access levels. As a part of Windows Small Business Server, you have your own MS Exchange e-mail server capabilities, MS SQL Server for database applications and WSUS (Windows System Updates Server).

Either using an MS Active Directory domain or a Workgroup you can easily share a Network Scanner, Multi-function printer/copier/scanner or Shared Storage in your office. CrimsonShift’s Engineers can help you set up a network device to boost overall productivity. This is accomplished by cutting downtime for employees to perform repetitive tasks like looking for files, manually sending faxes, or looking for copies of important documents.

If you have several locations that need to share data, CrimsonShift’s Network Engineers will implement a secure VPN connection backed by IPSEC industry standard protocols. This leverages your shared resources like high-speed document scanners, e-mail, and application servers. All the users connected via VPN are on the same ‘local network’ as your Headquarters; this also allows your to securely connect the Office from home or any public location. By encapsulating your connection inside a VPN tunnel, your data transfer is secure between you and Headquarters. By utilizing a redundant internet connection for mission critical web applications and access, you can secure yourself from downtime if one of the internet providers goes down. By utilizing Sonicwall or Cisco routers, our Network Engineers are able to provide fault-tolerant internet connection for your office.

Most businesses have important data to back up for long term storage. CrimsonShift offers an off-site Data Backup Service to store your most valuable data on our secure Remote Storage servers. You can automate scheduled backups of each server, workstation or any shared device. We implement data retention policies and archive data to tape for extended storage periods. Because we can keep your data on disk for weeks, restore times are very fast and streamlined. Think of all the peace of mind knowing your valuable files are safe and secure in case of catastrophic system failure or a disaster.

CrimsonShift offers complete network support for small and medium sized businesses. This means having your own IT department without the full time employee salary. We can successfully manage your entire infrastructure like servers, workstations, internet connection, and shared devices. As a part of our monthly contract we can train your employees on new programs and technologies, and ensure a secure workplace by educating them about safe internet practices.