ShowTime WordPress Plugin Error Fix

With php error reporting turned on, the ShowTime Slideshow Plugin was outputting php error notices on the admin page, which resulted in the inability to save the options, as the script was redirecting to a url with an error string on save.

To fix update the following

/wp-content/plugins/showtime-slideshow/includes/1col1sb.php LINES 5-14

if( isset($_REQUEST['plugin_options_update']) ) {
// Update the plugin's options.
$this->_UpdatePluginOptions( $_REQUEST );
} else if( isset($_REQUEST['plugin_options_reset']) ) {
// Reset the plugin's options.
} else if( isset($_REQUEST['plugin_options_uninstall']) ) {
// Uninstall the plugin by removing the plugin options from the Wordpress database.

/wp-content/plugins/showtime-slideshow/includes/adminframework.php LINES 271-280
function _UpdatePluginOptions(&$requestArray)

function _UpdatePluginOptions( &$requestArray )	{
		foreach( $this->_pluginOptionsArray AS $optionKey => $optionValueArray ) {
			update_option( $optionKey, $requestArray[$optionKey] );
                        update_option( $optionKey, $optionValueArray);
		$updatedMessage = sprintf( __( '
The %s plugin options have been updated in the database.
', TXTDOMAIN ), $this->_pluginTitle );
		$this->_DisplayFadingMessageBox( $updatedMessage, 'update' );

But the best solution to the issue, is to turn off error reporting, which you should always do on production sites.