JavaScript Development

JavaScript has really come into its own in the last few years, partially because it’s supported by most (if not all) browsers including mobile, and partially because it’s a Great programming language, that allows the developer to create interfaces that combine beautiful design and convenient user interaction with well organized, clean code.

While it has the ability to add some great functionality to the website, when written poorly it can also become a nightmare, that obliterates the user’s experience, and may even crash the browser.  Which means that the user will probably think twice about visiting your page again.  Because of this it’s very important that you are confident in the skill of the people that are developing the JS functionality/application, and that you only use 3rd party plugins that are well tested and stable.

Some common examples of this are:

  • Facebook “like” / “share” buttons, activity feeds that you see everywhere
  • Twitter interaction, activity feeds
  • Google/Yahoo Ads that you see on many different websites
  • galleries
  • mouseover/click effects
  • pop-ups
  • Charts and Graphs
  • cool image effects
  • collapsible-menus
  • drag and drop functionality
  • and so much more

Because of the ability to greatly improve the user’s experience JavaScript has become very popular among web-developers, which means that in order to integrate new functionality into your web-site you can use open-source components that have already been developed, with only minor customization changes.  This results in great savings of time and money versus developing new functionality from scratch.  There is a vast amount of components available  and chances are there’s one available to do what you need.  We can help you with component selection, customization and integration. However, there’s always a chance that a component doesn’t exist for what you are trying to accomplish, in that case we can help you with creating one from the ground up.

Here are some great articles about Javascript and what’s possible (We can help you with the integration and customization of any of these):

In order to facilitate rapid development we work with a variety of Javascript Frameworks.

  • Mootools
  • J-Query
  • Prototype
  • YUI
  • spry
  • DOJO
  • MochiKit
  • jQuery UI

We always provide a free consultation to help you make an educated decision about the features that you may wish to implement.